Access your financial data in your favorite apps

Finta syncs your account balances and transactions to Airtable so that you can set up your own automations and routines.

14-day free trial. No credit card required
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Finta makes it easier for you to budget the way you want

Budget apps force you to follow their rules without giving you access to your own data. Finta allows you to use the powerful features from Airtable to manage your finances just as you want. No more forcing your processes and routines into a box someone else designed.
  • 1,000s Banks Supported
    We easily integrate with thousands of US and Canadian banks to sync your balances and transactions.
  • Connections
    Limits aren't fun. Finta allows you to sync unlimited banking accounts.
  • 0 Ads
    We promise not to sell your data or to use it for advertising.

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$5 /month

$45 /year

$5 /month

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    Sync unlimited banking accounts
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    Automatically import posted and pending transactions
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    Quickly get started with a budget template

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